V1 of Wails is now in feature freeze. V2 is now in Beta for all platforms

Wails v1.0.2

This version brings a number of fetaures and bugfixes.

A huge thank you to everyone that was involved in this release!


  • Multiple connections + Remote connections to bridge supported. Now you can connect to a Wails app running in bridge mode remotely and with multiple connections. Many thanks to Travis McLane for this awesome addition
  • Vuetify 2 template support! Many thanks to Michael Hipp (https://github.com/MichaelHipp) for the majority of the work and Travis McLane for the final fixes and getting it over the line!
  • Experimental: Typescript definition file generation - If you build with -t <definition_file> it will generate a Typescript definition file for all your bound structs/methods in <project>/frontend/<definition_file>. Note: the file will only be generated at runtime so make sure you run your app at least once. We aim to move this to a compile time operation in v2. Thanks to Ricardo Abreu for extensive testing.

New Distribution Support (Thanks Byron):

  • Raspian
  • ManjaroARM
  • Deepin

Bug Fixes

  • Data passed with Emit() now sends correctly. Thanks Pixdigit for raising it.
  • Better application shutdown

Please let us know what bugs you find and we will look at them with the highest priority!