Windows and Mac users: Please use the v2 beta.

Wails v0.20.0

This version brings a number of bugfixes for better Windows support.

A huge thank you to everyone that was involved in this release!

Bug Fixes

Angular support for Windows

The errors with building the Angular template on Windows have been fixed. This is now fully supported.

Alpha release of Console for Windows

When compiling with wails build -d on Windows, a rudimentary console is available by pressing SHIFT-ESC. It allows you to see console logs/errors and has basic input capabilities.

If anyone knows how to get firebug lite working in this scenario, please get in touch!


Windows builds previously did not work correctly with HiDPI screens. This is now fixed.

Please let us know what bugs you find and we will look at them with the highest priority!

See you at v1.0.0!