V1 of Wails is now in feature freeze. V2 is now in Beta for all platforms


The Wails release history

Version Release Date Summary Release Notes
v1.16.0 2nd Apr 2021 Native embed, RHEL here
v1.8.0 8th Sept 2020 Sync Stores, Svelte Template, More Linux distros, bugfixes here
v1.6.0 19th Jun 2020 Vanilla JS Template, Windows icons, dialog filters, bugfixes here
v1.5.0 26th Apr 2020 Cross-compilation, OpenSuSE support, bugfixes here
v1.0.2 8th Feb 2020 Vuetify2 template, Typescript definitions generation, more Linux distros, bugfixes here
v0.20.0 5th Dec 2019 Better Windows support: Angular, Console & HiDPI bugfixes here
v0.19.0 5th Nov 2019 Better Windows support, Migrate command & misc bugfixes here
v0.18.5 23rd Oct 2019 Better shutdown behaviour here
v0.18.2 8th Oct 2019 Refactored runtime, New Event functionality, Windows fixes, more! here
v0.17.0 1st July 2019 New Angular template, Debian support, tooling updates here