Migrating to v1.0.0

The release of v1.0.0 brings with it some breaking changes, however it is relatively easy to migrate older projects. The steps required are:

  • Change Wails version in go.mod to latest version
  • Remove frontend/src/wailsbridge.js if you have it
  • Install the latest @wailsapp/runtime module, EG: npm install --save @wailsapp/runtime
  • Titlecase
  • Update main.js to look like this:
// import Bridge from "./wailsbridge";
import * as Wails from "@wailsapp/runtime"

//Bridge.Start(() => {
Wails.Init(() => {
  new Vue({
    render: h => h(App)

If you are feeling adventurous, you could try the highly experimental migrate command: wails migrate.