V1 of Wails is now in feature freeze. V2 is now in Beta for all platforms



Wails uses cgo to bind to the native rendering engines so a number of platform dependencies are needed as well as an installation of Go. The basic requirements are:

  • Go 1.12 or above
  • gcc + libraries
  • npm
  • Docker for Cross-Compilation support


Download Go from the Go Downloads Page.

Ensure that you follow the official Go installation instructions. You will also need to ensure that your PATH environment variable also includes the path to your ~/go/bin directory. Also ensure Go modules are enabled: echo "export GO111MODULE=on" >> ~/.bashrc or whatever is appropriate for your shell. Restart your terminal and do the following checks:

  • Check Go is installed corectly: go version
  • Check “~/go/bin” is in your PATH variable: echo $PATH | grep go/bin
  • Check “GO111MODULE” environment variable is set to “on”: echo ${GO111MODULE}
  • Check “CGO_ENABLED” environment variable is set to “1”: echo ${CGO_ENABLED}


Download NPM from the Node Downloads Page. It is best to use the latest release as that is what we generally test against.

Run npm --version to verify.

GCC + Libraries

For MacOS, Wails uses clang and the native libraries. Make sure you have the xcode command line tools installed. This can be done by running:

xcode-select --install

Now you are ready to move on to the next step of installing Wails.